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Pretty Good Privacy

Electronic communications can be a blessing and a curse. From anywhere in the world, you can communicate with anyone, anywhere. The bad thing is, it is difficult to be sure that what you hear is really from who you think you are listening to. It is also hard to be certain that what you say is heard only by those you are speaking to. PGP can help you in both of these situations, allowing you to sign and encrypt your communications as you see fit.

Some areas have legal restrictions against the use of encryption technology. Please take the time to become familiar with the laws of your area.

PGP Resources

You can obtain a Amiga version of PGP from the Amiga PGP5 Web Site

PGP5GUI is a very helpful tool, as well. It eliminates the need to remember all the command line options required to perform most PGP task.

YAM 2.0 includes support for PGP, allowing you sign, encrypt, decrypt and verify e-mail messages.

If you need PGP for other platforms, check

PGP Lha Archives

A pgp signed lha archive consists of two files wrapped in an lha archive. One file is another archive file, and the second is a signature file specific to the 'inner' archive. To verify the signature file, you need to have the public key of the person who signed the archive. Any change to the inner archive or the signature file will cause the signature to be invalid.

Here is my public PGP key.

Begining with the release of ttflib version 0.8.0 all new program archives published by me will be pgp signed, so that you can verify that the archive actually came from me.


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