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HIP has been implemented to help solve MY problems. I am willing to share this solution with any interested parties. However, due to many other responsibilities, I can not promise any level of technical support. Time permitting, I will try and address questions and concerns submitted by e-mail to:


Praise and/or constructive criticism are always welcomed.

The latest versions of HIP executeables and source, and any other available information can be found on the HIP home page.

Some Common Concerns

It's free, it must be junk.

I am a professional programmer. HIP has already saved me more than it cost. Attempting to make money from it would cost more than I want to give. I have over the years benefited greatly from freely distributable software, and giving something back to the community should be good for my karma. To balance all of these points, I made HIP free.

It is too small, it must be [a joke, a virus, useless]

HIP has a very specific job to do, and does it in a straight forward manner. As a command style utility, it has none of the overhead that would be associated with a graphic interface. It is more than large enough to accomplish the task at hand.

"... but I don't like using the command line!"

Well, you are in luck. You probably don't have to. The key to the following suggestions is to be alert to the current working directory, or setting the HIPINC environment variable appropriately. It may be easiest to treat all included filenames as relative to the current directory. Setting the working directory to the place the files to be included are kept works well with most drag-n-drop methods, as the target (dropped) file is already fully specified. You could also use fully qualified filenames in your HIP commands.

  • Win95 - drag your documents onto the hip.exe icon (or shortcut.)
  • Amiga - Many solutions (Dopus button, rexx tricks,) one of which is to use Toolmanager to make HIP an Appicon.
Remember, HIP is a building block. Use your imagination.

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