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<!--HIP   date   -->

This line will be replaced with a line like this:

<!--HIP   date   --> Month dd, yyyy

The Month dd, yyyy part will of course be the current system date. Warning: anything else on the line will be discarded. The date command is completely replaced with HIP's own date string, it does not attempt to parse what was there before.

This implementation pretty much precludes using the date stamp within <PRE> blocks, but it should work acceptably within most other contexts.

Other date related options

In addition, several date related variables are made available automatically, which allow much more flexible date display. All of these are set based on the local time at the beginning of the HIP run.

The available variables are:

  • &&sys_year; four digit year (1997)
  • &&sys_yy; two digit year (97)
  • &&sys_mm; two digit month (8)
  • &&sys_dd; two digit day (29)
  • &&sys_jjj; julian style day of year (240)
  • &&sys_day; day of the week (Friday)
  • &&sys_ddd; 3 character day of week (Fri)
  • &&sys_mon; month name (August)
  • &&sys_mmm; 3 character month name (Aug)

The month and day names are currently limited to USA English. See 'locale' in the examples archive for one way to work around this limitation. Its easy to come up with "vendredi 29 août 1997" instead of "August 29, 1997".

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